The term “marah-cotta”, a play on the color word “terracotta”, derives from Marah’s love for natural elements and a muted color scheme, and is foundational to the brand’s identity and earthy-neutral aesthetic, while welcoming pops of toned down pastels and bold prints inspired by the late 20th century. 

Marah-cotta co. represents more than just the making and wearing of pretty things, but is a beacon of celebration for women to dig deep within themselves, to realize the unique beauty they have to offer, to walk in fullness of authenticity and to share it with the world. 


Meet the Maker:

Marah’s love for beauty and adoration for creation is what lies in the center of marah-cotta co. Her passion for art and design as well as desire to build a life that she would be proud of are what fueled the first few steps of faith into launching marah-cotta co. Marah started working with clay in June 2019, launched her first company a month and a half later  and never looked back. Today her and her husband Alec work full-time running and growing the business while being the primary caretakers of their baby girl named Cove.