The words of Marah:

I vividly remember as a little girl feeling so alive anytime I came around colors and fabrics, played dress up (Pretty Pretty Princess was my absolute favorite game), decorated my room with colored paper and anything I could get my hands on (I literally would rearrange my bed, desk, and chair anyway that I could), journaling my inner thoughts, and eventually when I got old enough to choose my own clothes you could find me at the mall everyday after school shopping for the best deals and latest finds with my mom. I then stepped into a school experience where suddenly I didn’t feel comfortable or encouraged to do what my heart so desired to do. For decades I became accustomed to only doing the things that I found were “popular” or the things that gained the approval of those around me, like what the cool kids were doing. And when you surround yourself with people who do that same thing and are driven by their insecurities before you have found your truest self, that’s all you know. I put myself in a place where negative self-talk was fluidly spoken and self-deprecation was cool. Not trying was cool. Looking back, I hate that I thought that way. But one day I realized I was not living the life I was made for, I mean specifically ME. I realized there actually were people out there who LOVED what they did, who worked REALLY hard & long to get to where they are now. I mean, I already knew there were people living out their true passions, but I always disregarded that sort of lifestyle for myself. Then one day three years ago I decided to make a change on the way I look at things. The way I look at friendships, my “reputation”, how I use social media, how I earned a living, and the way I saw God.


And since then I’ve been able to let go of what people think of me (still being delivered from that today), and have been able to acknowledge & build on the things that bring me the most joy, that spark creativity, and that bring me closer to my Creator every day. And that’s how I started SCATTERED designs.


Owning and growing a business is hard. And so far I’ve only seen the beginning stages of it. But it’s been one of the most eye-opening, thrilling experiences and I KNOW this is for me.


My goal in this business is to nspire and lift up women to say YES to the thing that set their hearts on fire while they can. Do work that you put your full-self into, do work that you can be proud of. Do work that makes selling easy. Do work that pushes you to learn more and more everyday. Do work that you makes you say “this is good”.